Today the team Fapijeux leave the floor (or 😉 keyboard) to Myriam, a fan and specialist game that will explain the use of cheat it short and we provide the website:

Hi all, this is Myriam!
If you search for a way to cheat the game browser, you are fallen since what I have to offer you today a cheat that will allow you several things:
Zoom out to better see what comes at you, even if the game normally blocks the zoom.
Increase your speed.
Become invisible (can continue to eat the other).
Obviously you can activate all at the same time to finally roll over everyone!

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Zoom Hack

This option on the cheat zooms out the view of the game, while allowing you to see more than what is normally allowed. If you wonder: What will happen right from left? A big, a way? … You ask yourself this question more since the Zoom Hack will allow you to see much further!

Speed Hack

Speed Hack is a cheat means to increase its speed. This is particularly useful when one is big and we want to continue to eat everyone. I recommend you use it when your score is above 150 points. If you use below 150, you move too fast!

Double Hack

Basically, this part of the cheat will save you double points. Normally, a particle earns you 1 point. By enabling this option cheat, she will report 2. Nothing simpler!

This time it is not easy to understand. You will have the opportunity to choose the opacity of your ball … By putting to 0 you become invisible. So you can eat people without even understand where AC can come. Coupled with the Speed hack, there is downright mean to laugh!
Opacity set to 1
That’s all for cheat, you can find it by clicking the download button on the site! p

If ever you are a novice or when you want information on the game, read on as I share from my blog!, what is it?

Hi everyone, here Myriam.

Like every week I tested new online games, and I wanted to talk today about the latest darling of the Internet, one that defrays, we can say, the whole world is of course the fabulous games Balls:
This is a game that starts to take a big way, by its simplicity and addictive side that has enticed many. Since its release, the game is constantly changing, every day the creator makes changes, be it playing, skins with the addition of new flags etc. This evolution of the game shows an idea launched quickly on the canvas, a project completed but not fully evolve depending on player feedback, positive or negative, you will find many forums where players insult at any cost, complain certain features of the game or simply the appearance of their skin.
After Pacman and Bubble Shooter, is part of the legend of the free games balls and success. The principle is relatively simple. When you connect, you are asked a username, it will be the name of your skin, it will be registered at the center throughout the game. You can also choose the color of your game board; a simple white plaid as a school notebook or when a black background. Then the game is started, a color is assigned to you. You start the game with a relatively small size, and order for you to grow, to grow up, to eat the other and not make you eat. Your cell, initially, will have to develop in order to win. To do this, you will need to use your mouse to click and without, direct your cell on the smaller cells than yours. In fact your mouse only has to use to run your cell, it does you nothing.
But the game would be too easy and therefore boring if it’s well was that simple. Growing up, won, that’s a bit complex purpose. That is why the director of this project has made sure you slow down a bit in the advanced too brutal, and let their chance of reaching the last part that does not even come to the ankle.

Speed is an important point for your skin, both for your protection and for your development. The more you take the scale, the more you become slower, and vice versa; the smaller you are, the more you’re fast. However, manipulations are possible not to decide everything in the all white or all black. So when you take a big way, it is possible to divide your cell into two, four, etc., by clicking on the space key on your keyboard.

In order to accelerate this action is useful in cases of ambushes watch, divide your cell propel you like a booster, allowing you to take your legs to your shot quickly! Your cell will recover in one cell eventually but it will take a little and regain weight.
Another action possible from your keyboard is mass release button with W. The mass release is designed to help a colleague who for example is attacked by a thicker cell as her little you start your weight on him to make the weight, returning the situation against the first attacker.

But mass release is also used to save your own skin cell, if you lose weight, it’s still the same principle, you will go faster. The W key is very convenient to save a member of your team if you decide to play in Teams, but also for yourself if you played FFA is to say solo.

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