In India it is very common for guides or taxi drivers and rickshaws make us a “tour” of some stores where they receive commission. Then the seller will not only try to take advantage of our naivety for being foreigners but also should get our pocket the commission for the guide / driver in question. That has been a guide / driver who brought us to his tent makes him see that we know nothing about saris and cannot go buy ourselves. Victims easy!

But sarees are not displayed like the western wear in western clothing stores where you could touch and feel the fabric and could get an idea of what you are about to buy. Here they have shelves behind the counter with sarees folded into nylon bags which allow us to see only the colors and not the quality of the material per se.

In India, the custom is that the seller opens many saris before our eyes and no limit for that. But it is not automatically done because we must do our part by asking them to show us more. If not asked then the expectation from him would be that we are about to buy the only sari they showed us first.


Buying a sari and thus using it is a unique experience. We will be doing something that women in India have been doing and enjoying for hundreds of years.

So during my first experience, I not only did not enjoy the wonder of seeing these amazing fabrics unfolding before my eyes but also did not know wear it and blouse was too big for me (I bought it in the store who were responsible for sewing it but did not take much pains towards the measurements, probably another effect of having been guided by a driver and my ignorance of course)

For my second trip I decided to go prepared so I got some information on the internet and the indispensable help of my friend from India.


After the ecommerce boom in India I noticed that there were many reputed online ecommerce stores that had a variety of sarees available at the click of your mouse. I ordered something from Jabong sarees which is very well know brand in India. I got a contact of an Indian Tailor who was able to take perfect measurements of mine and bingo my dream saree was ready within no time.

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