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This part of our FIFA 16 Guide is dedicated to the attack. How to tackle in FIFA 16? Whether you are developing a possession-based game or on quick attacks, mark remains the number one obsession of every player in FIFA 16. Let’s details on the items that will help you make a difference in the offensive phase.


Play to the strengths of your workforce

This begins with the selection of your team. If we can have fun at parties with pals, this is not the case when you play online.Start by choosing a team that suits your style. Needless indeed choose a team like Manchester City if your game is based on possession. In the same idea, useless to try to elbow with FC Barcelona …Take the time to choose well, even test multiple formations and several teams.


Know analyze the weaknesses of your opponent

Knowing his team is good, but the team know your opponent, that’s even better. From the kick-off, and even before during the presentation of the teams, you will be able to observe the deficiencies of your opponent. If the central defense is a bit slow, overuse deep passes. Your opponent is fielding a defense to three? Play the wings to break …

Vary your attacks. Indeed, each player has in his game model schemas. Some are betting everything on dribbling, others only on the passes or more rare on long shots.

Get used to diversify your style of play, especially in the matches that you control. Take advantage of the time to try things that you do not try naturally.If the first attempts are usually unsuccessful, automation obtained will serve you later.

High / Low Foot Foot

The right foot for left-handed, it is only used to get on the bus … If we place some side some of the best technicians, every footballer has a strong foot and lower leg.

As shown in his profile, each player has a strong and a walk over five score for its low foot. It is therefore crucial to know the strong foot and lower the foot note of your players.This could make the difference between an opener and a masterful missed one against one. If you have a righty, for example, it is interesting to go to the left of the goalkeeper. Your player on his strong foot, will find it easier to fool the goalkeeper. Moreover, it is even more true when you want to try a long shot. The choice of hard foot is the most important thing at this time.

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Try your luck from outside the area

If you are unable to score from inside the penalty area, it may be worth trying your luck further.

The long shots require plenty of power to endanger the goalkeeper. Opt for the strong foot of your player before anything. Then prefer a player with the characteristic “distant Strike”. For that, go take a look at the profile of the players. Try to have at least a midfielder with skill “Distant Strike”. Indeed, a midfielder will always be more space in front of him to arm a striker’s shot.In FIFA 16, the long shots not require a lot of power. Please be sure to press the button. By following these tips, you should be able to tell the difference from far and take the opportunity to impress.

Dribble sparingly

The only thing to do to progress in dribbling, is to train. For this, do you train in friendly matches, or even in the training mode.Start with the simplest twists like legs passement then you try the more difficult. Be aware that the most difficult dribbles are not necessarily the most effective. A force to train yourself, you will be able to achieve decisive action. However, keep in mind otherwise mar a dribble does not necessarily calls another dribble. You should know to stop at the right time.

-Note that with certain movements, such as roulette, it is possible to get penalties …

-Go for the wings with the new centers

-With the arrival of new centers on FIFA 16, the powerful forwards will finally be decisive again.

-For attackers large sizes, choose the centers in height with a single press of the center button.

-For players of small sizes rather try mid height centers with a double pressing the center button. The ball will be tense and your player will come and cut off the path.

-Finally, use the center’s low when you want to find a player who has distinguished. To do this, press three times successively on the center button.

-Finally, if you use left-right and right-handed to left, do not hesitate to go back inside to center. This center has the advantage of being very elusive and a little surprise a bit slow defense.


Master the set pieces

To the maximum of luck on your side, it should properly choose the player who will kick the ball.For kicks, remember to observe the notes in the “Power”, “Free Kick” and “effect”.Regarding the corners, it is more at the foot of the player he must be careful. If the goalkeeper is large enough, it may be worthwhile to attempt an outgoing corner to put the ball as far as possible of his gloves. Conversely, with a faster keeper targeting a large player.With a little practice you should be able to put pressure on each corner.


The penalties? This works

To start and to put the odds on your side, choose a player who has at least 80 “penalty”.Regarding the mechanics of the penalty, it happens in three stages. First, focus on the balance. The goal is to support when the indicator is in the green. The further you go away you green, more powerful your shot will go out of the frame.The second time, it is precisely the pressure you are going to print the power gauge. The harder you press, the longer your typing will be. Know that you can go up to 80% in case you managed to place well your balance.Last, the direction that you should give momentum during the course of your player. To do this, simply direct your left stick in the direction you want the ball. But be careful not to press too long …

Note that it is possible to break his run a second time by pressing the fire button, just after printing power. By doing this, the pattern will move much faster but will give you access to difficult angles to stop the goalkeeper.

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